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Beijing Airport Beiguang Instruments Co., Ltd , Ltd (BABI) was founded in the year of 1992.We are an excellent manufacturing company of measuring instruments.Our busineess covers designing, manufacturing and selling of flowmeters and liquid level instruments and relevent products.
We are an international and professional company welcoming customers worldwide. One of our distinguished features is that we insist that professional products should be made by professional people and professional technology. Most of staff are with abundant experience gained from many years’persistent and professional work. Meanwhile, we think highly of innovation and keeping pace with international level. 

All of ourequipments are purchased from overseas, like USA, Germany and UK. With the most advanced technology, the latest cutting-edge material, by the most advanced equipments and the perfect processing technology, we create excellent products with preeminent performance.

Beijing Airport Beiguang Instruments Co., Ltd

Beijing Airport Beiguang Instruments Co., Ltd, LTD is a professional manufacturer of automatic instrument and instrument,
It is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of flowmeter, liquid level meter and thermal laboratory calibration instrument.
Ten years to make the BABI world brand.

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